Due to the current forecast for Tropical Storm Ian, the plan for Pasco County Schools is as follows: Schools and offices will be open on Monday. Schools and offices will be closed on Tuesday and Wednesday. This includes PLACE, ASEP, all after school programs, all athletic events and practices, and all extracurricular events. We will continue to provide updates on our website; via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; and through School Messenger.

Food & Nutrition information:
The federal government is ending USDA free meals for all students School Year 2022-2023. We operate under National School Lunch Program, therefore we will be returning to Free, Reduced or Paid Meals.

Menu prices, Elementary schools:


Paid: $1.60
Reduced: $0.30

Paid: $3.00
Reduced: $0.40

Food & Nutrition Services offers parents a grace period when lunch money is forgotten. This allows students to charge meals to their school lunch account until they bring funds from home or replenish the funds online: My School Bucks
Once the charge limit is reached, students are offered an alternate lunch until the charges are repaid.

More information can be found on The Pasco County Schhols Food & Nutrition website