Hello Bexley Bulldog Families,

This week is the last FULL week of school for our Bulldogs and it is also Staff Appreciation Week at Bexley! We will be celebrating our staff this week by taking them on a “trip around the world” with delicious food, fun, and gifts! Join in with us in celebrating our staff this week by having your child send in a thank you note to his/her special teacher or staff member.

This week, our 5th graders finish up their state testing with the Science FCAT on Tuesday and Wednesday. All students in 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade that missed tests will also be making them up this week. One again, this week will be quiet campus due to testing. Join us by wishing our 5th graders that best of luck on the Science FCAT!

On Wednesday and Thursday night, beginning at 6:00PM, we will host our 5th grade promotion ceremonies! On Wednesday, Mrs. Scott, Mr. Hecht, Mrs. Sarabia, and Mrs. Steven’s classes will be celebrated and promoted. On Thursday evening, Ms. Castoria, Mrs. Yera, Mrs. Burk, Ms. Rawlings, and Mrs. Henk’s classes 5th graders will be celebrated at their promotion ceremony. We look forward to seeing our 5th grade students and families and celebrating their accomplishments before moving on to middle school on Wednesday or Thursday night, beginning at 6:00PM.

Wednesday, May 25th, is the last day of school for students. During the day, our students will have time to play at our carnival make-up day! Thank you to our PTO and community donors that made this happen for our Bulldogs!

We look forward to seeing our Bulldogs, on time, tomorrow morning. Let’s get ready to share our appreciation for our Bexley teachers and staff because they are “Out of this World!”.

Believe. Engage. Succeed.
Every Bulldog, Every Day!

Michele Boylan
Principal, Bexley Elementary