This week we honor the individuals who lend their passion and skills to educating our children. Please feel free to show your teacher your appreciation:

Monday 5/3 – Our teachers are worth melting for!
Bring a gift card to your teacher’s favorite ice cream, yoghurt, or smoothie shop.

Tuesday 5/4 – May the Fourth be with you!
Bring your teacher a snack to refuel their energy.

Wednesday 5/5 – Our Bexley family is everything!
Bring your teachers a special note telling them how much you appreciate them.

Thursday 5/6 – Your teacher is Incredible!
Give them something to Power through the day; like, their favorite treat, a poem, or drawing.

Friday 5/7 – Your teacher is Royalty!
Pamper them with lotion, soaps, flowers, candy, gift cards, etc.